The Aquarius Institute Training program requires student to finish Internship at the School's affiliated Clinical Sites. The Aquarius Institute is committed to excel the excellence in the Training Program. Clinical studies will be performed under the supervision of the Qualified Technologist.

MRI Technologist Internship Program:

(Mandatory Internship)

MRI Clinical Internship and Quality Assurance Hours: 1,000

Apart from other program goals Aquarius Institute requires MRI students to successfully complete course work in Patient Management and MRI Safety. This course work must be completed before they are assigned for their clinical internship hours.

Patient Management Course: Though this coursework, student learn different aspects of Patient Management, with specific interests in:

        JCAHO Standards
        Workers’ Compensation; Social  Security; Employee
        Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA)
        Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Ac
        Universal precautions/OSHA Regulations
        Isolation techniques

        Privacy, Confidentiality (HIPAA)
        Disclosure of Personal Matters
        Confidentiality as an Ethical Dilemma
        Developing an Ethical Decision
        Ownership of the Medical Record
        Types of Medical Record
        Access to the Medical Record

MRI Safety Course:

Can be described in broader headlines such as:

  1. Screening patients
  2. Monitoring
  3. Safety precautions
  4. Biological consideration
  5. Cause and appearance of artifacts

The Clinical internship hours are only assigned to those MRI students who have successfully Completed the two courses listed above.

The last requirement in the MRI Technologist training program in 1,000 hours of mandatory MRI Clinical Internship at the School’s affiliated Clinical Sites. The Aquarius Institute is committed to excel the excellence in the MRI Technologist Training Program. The Institute will implement, evaluate and monitor the Quality Assurance both in the didactic and clinical training aspects of the program. Clinical studies will be performed under the supervision of the Qualified MRI Technologist and will be supervised by the School’s assigned Clinical Supervisor. Student’s entry And exit times will be recorded and signed by a designated clinical staff member. Student’s will be provided with the procedure recording sheets to be used to record each procedure either observed, assisted or performed by a student. After the completion and attestation by the Clinical Supervisor, a copy of completed Procedure Recording Form will be submitted to the School Official for record purpose.

During the term of clinical internship students will be assigned to several clinical sites to give them exposure to a variety of MRI Equipment. Students are required to strictly follow the Policies and Procedure listed in the MRI Clinical Training Handbook. Clinical Supervisor and MRI Program Director will strictly monitor the clinical participation of the students to maintain and enhance the excellence in MRI Clinical Internship Program.

When in the last 30-45 days of the clinical training component, it will be the responsibility of the student to prepare a case presentation proposal and submit it to the Program Director. The proposal will be reviewed and handed back to the student with and assigned presentation time and date. Upon the successful presentation and all other clinical requirements listed in the Clinical Handbook a student will be awarded the clinical training completion certification.

Ultrasound/Sonography Technician Internship Program:

(Mandatory Internship)

Ultrasonographic Externship/Clinical Hours: 800

The Institute required the ultrasound graduates to complete at least 800 hour of clinical internship in abdominal and Eclo Ultrasound Speciality. It will be student’s responsibility to complete the internship requirements set by a National Registry for which the student is planning to write the certification exam. The Institute will refer the students to the clinical sites.

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