CIP Code 51-0920


This is a one year Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Technologist Training Program which also includes 1000 hours of mandatory MRI Clinical Internship (classroom and clinical internship combined may take in excess of 18 months to complete). This program is developed to prepare students to operate MRI Equipment safely and competently to produce diagnostically acceptable images. Having completed this program the student will have sufficient knowledge and skills to work in an MRI center or Hospital's MRI Dept. as an MRI technologist. This program provides sufficient theory and practical knowledge so as to enable the students to challenge the National Certification Examination in MRI modality. Upon successful completion of both Didactic and Clinical parts of the Program, the School will conduct a comprehensive exam and those who obtain a minimum of 70% score will be awarded a Certificate of Completion from the School. The refund policy will be based on the 300 hours of coursework. It will be the responsibility of the School to provide Clinical Internship opportunities to the MRI students at MRI Clinics or MRI Department in Hospitals. The school reserves the right to assign the student to any available Clinical Site. Clinical Internship sites are located according to affiliations and relationships formed between Aquarius Institute and community and Chicagoland companies/ organizations/facilities. And the clinical internship sites may be in excess of a 30 mile radius of Aquarius Institute's Des Plaines' campus.

Program Learning Outcomes

Below are the learning outcomes that the MRI student must master in keeping with the program's mission and goals. These outcomes serve to guide the student toward fulfilling the program goals. They form the basis for measuring what the student has accomplished upon completion of the program. Upon completion of this Program, the graduate will be able to:

  • To provide compassionate and responsible patient care during diagnostic procedures
  • Use oral and written communication with patients, peers, and medical staff
  • Produce diagnostic MRI Images safely and competently in the context of all MRI procedures
  • Utilize critical thinking, problem solving, and decision-making skills in performing medical imaging procedures
  • Successfully pass the completion examination given by the School and certification examination given by the MRI National Registry
  • Possess the clinical skills necessary for professional practice as an entry-level MRI Technologist

Admission Requirements:

General Requirements:

  • Minimum 18 years of age
  • Proof of graduation from a U.S. High School or equivalent as determined by appropriate accrediting agencies
  • Graduates from foreign schools require local evaluation
  • Official High School Transcript and have a Grade Point Average (GPA) of 2.5 or above
  • Provide a current resume if applicable
  • Must possess knowledge of computers; must be able to use word processing programs
  • Complete a personal interview with the Job Developer

Health Requirements

  • Students must submit obtain or have proof of a Hepatitis B vaccination, at the student's expense, 30 days prior to starting clinical internship (following acceptance into the program).
    • Must submit a doctor's note or titer result as proof or card for having Hepatitis B immunization.
    • Or have a signed refusal form in student's record
  • Students must obtain malpractice insurance at the student's expense (following acceptance into the program)
  • Students must have visual acuity, hearing acuity, speaking ability, digital dexterity and physical ability to perform the required assessment, procedures and related preparation and testing issues
  • Students should have a reliable means of transportation
  • Students must possess a valid CPR card prior to starting clinical internship
  • If the potential student does not have a Tuberculosis (PPD) test then the student must obtain a 2 step Tuberculosis test (PPD), at the student's expense, before start of the clinical internship
  • Students must submit a PPD result or if the previous PPD was positive the student must submit a chest x-ray as proof that student is clear from TB disease

Total Lecture Clock Hours: 600

Total clinical Clock Hours: 1000


Registration Fee

$ 150

Text Books


Tuition Cost


Total Program Cost


  • a) Easy Payment Plans - Interest Free
  • b) private grants from employers and other organizations




Hepatitis Vaccine


Tuberculosis Test OR Chest X-ray


CPR Healthcare Provider Certification


Liability Insurance


Total Other Estimated Costs


Vocational Objectives:

This program has been designed to meet the growing demand of Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Technologists in the field of Diagnostic Medicine. According to the present job market analysis, a large number of qualified individuals are required in the Medical Technologist field. The objectives of this program are to provide efficient and well trained MRI Technologist to satisfy the present day job market needs.

Job Prospect:
MRI is becoming a widely accepted diagnostic procedure and there is a growing demand for qualified, well trained and efficient MRI Technologists.

For detailed MRI Technologist Program curriculum and career counseling, please contact an Aquarius Institute admission advisor during normal business hours at 847-296-8870 or filling out a Request for Information form.