About Us

Mission Statement

To be the leading provider of career training with a specific interest in high demand job trends in America’s ever changing job market.

About Aquarius Institute

The Aquarius Institute has been in business since 1996.  Starting off in Chicago, Aquarius Institute began providing career training for job skills to individuals to meet the requirements of the ever changing technology related jobs.  After a few years, Aquarius Institute moved into the City of Des Plaines in the year 2001.  At the address of 911 East Touhy Avenue, Des Plaines, Aquarius Institute continued its business at this location until the year 2011.  (Copies of the City of Des Plaines Business licenses from year 2001 to 2011 are enclosed for review.)  Aquarius Institute at first started its business in providing Computer Information Systems training.  Among Computer Information Systems training, we also provided training in the latest high demand software and hardware.  We continued to provide I.T. training up until the year 2005.

Aquarius Institute realized less job potential for the local individuals due to outsourcing of I.T. jobs to foreign countries (such as India, China, etc.)

Therefore, in the year of 2005, Aquarius Institute took a tangent and started to provide more service related skills training in the Allied Medical Health Care field.  Currently, the Allied Medical Health Care field is the best service field to be in.  Health care training is also a high demand job growth sector due to the many technological advancements found in health care today.  Another plus for the health care field currently is that many jobs are opening up due to America’s ageing population. 

Currently, Aquarius Institute provides training in medical diagnostic testing in the field of Ultrasound/Sonography Technology and MRI Technology.  We also provide training in Medical Assistant, Phlebotomy, EKG Technician and Medical Billing & Coding certification.

Aquarius Institute is known to provide actual job skills training in order to have our students gain real job skills.  We have classroom lectures with live demonstrations of job skills during lectures, as well as individual hands on practice lab sessions.

Furthermore, we require our students to complete several hundreds of hours of clinical internship at our affiliated medical diagnostic imaging facilities.  Due to Aquarius Institute’s consistent efforts in providing high demand job skills training, we have several thousands of our graduates currently employed in the American work force in the fields of Information Technology and Health Care with an annual income of $40,000 to $180,000.

Graduation Procedure

Graduation depends on the valid marks scored in the examination conducted at appropriate time after sufficient instruction has been provided. Passing and graduation are based upon the final examination and the percentage of marks scored in all the assignments.

Grading Methodology

Grades are based on the following percentage of marks scored in the examinations.
90 %-above score "A" grade
80%-89% score "B" grade
70%-79% score "C" grade
60%-69% score "D" grade
59% & Below "E" grade

Note: Students who achieves below "C" grade is considered to have failed and need to repeat the course again until he/she completes the same successfully.

Scoring Procedure

5 take home assignments 30% score
1 mid term exam 30% score
Final exam 40% score

Note: 80 % attendance is mandatory to be considered for the graduation.

Installment Plans

Students have the option of paying for the courses with an installment plan. No interest is charged for using the installment method of payment. A late fee of $10 per week applies to all installment plans not paid on schedule, see installment plan sheet for details.

WIA Training Grants

Training Grants

Aquarius Institute is a WIA Certified Training Provider.

The Workforce Investment Act (WIA) is a federally funded program that provides training grants for individuals that are currently unemployed, underemployed or low income. Aquarius Institute is a Certified WIA Training Provider and accepts the WIA voucher towards your tuition. Aquarius Institute is Certified to accept training vouchers from residents of Cook County, Lake County, McHenry County, DuPage County, Will County and Kane County (in addition to all other Illinois counties). For more information about the WIA program, including where and how to apply, please contact Aquarius Institute.

TAA (TGAAA) Training Grants

Aquarius Institute is a TAA (TGAAA) Certified Training Provider.

The Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA & TGAAA) programs assist workers whose employment is adversely affected by various foreign trade events and conditions. For more information about the TAA (TGAAA) program, including where and how to apply, please contact Aquarius Institute.

Retaking/Repeating a Course

Students who have failed a course must retake the course to recieve the credit hours needed to graduate. As per our retake policy, the fee for retaking a course is $2000 with a down payment of $1000 to be placed in the class.

Students who have completed a course and would like to repeat the course may do so free of charge within 12 months of completion of that course. This is recommended for students who may be in clinicals or preparing for their board exams.

Applications for retakes/repeats must be submitted 2 weeks prior to class start date.

Refund Policy

Aquarius Institute wants its students to be completely satisfied with everything that goes on at Aquarius. Our flexible refund policies allow our students to withdraw from the course until 60% of the course is done. For more details on refund policy read our enrollment agreement.

Computer Labs

Students have access to the computer labs any time during regular hours while enrolled in a class at AICS.
Free access to the labs is available when a class is in session, unless enrolled in a class.
Food is not allowed in the computer labs.

Conduct & Courtesy

Students should conduct themselves in a manner appropriate for the business/educational institution. Any student involved in obstruction/disruption of the training /business activities, theft or damage of AICS property or other misconduct will be subject to dismissal and no refunds will be issued.

Job Placement

We can never guarantee you a job after attending our school. However, we have created several programs designed to place you in the best possible career that fits your needs. Our job placement program starts with an interview with our carrier councilor to determine which career path matches your core-competencies. We will provide you with help in writing a dynamic resume. We will forward your resumes to potential employer, frequently we post job position on our Bulletin Boards

Overview of Free Car Parking

The proposed site has huge parking lots on the east, west and north sides of the building.  During the hours of operation (6PM to 10PM), the proposed site’s parking lots are almost empty.  Therefore, there is no occurence of shortage of parking spaces for the other tenants of the proposed building due to the students of the Aquarius Institute.

Aquarius Institute�s Handicap Accessibility

The Aquarius Institute does make numerous efforts to provide a safe and accessible facility for our handicapped students.  Here are a few of the accommodations we provide in order to achieve handicap accessibility:
  1. 1. Handicapped parking (on multiple sides of the building)
  2. 2. Handicapped elevators (capable of supporting and handling larger wheelchairs)
  3. 3. Handicapped bathrooms (found on every floor of the building for men’s and women’s restrooms)

Students Suggestion and Complaints

All the students are welcome for their complains and suggestion into the "Complaints and Suggestion" box posted in the administrative office.
The complaints and suggestions could relate to the following teaching, administration, materials and handouts.