Karen (Chicago, IL) - I recently graduated from Aquarius and was immediately offered a position with MedQuist. I accepted that position... Aquarius definitely prepares you for the "real world" of MRI Technologist!

Heidi (Morton Grove, IL) - I received a job offer with Allscript, it is a very flexible IC position. Thank you, Aquarius, for the excellent training, and all of the educational/moral support that I received on the staff.

Mary (Highwood, IL) - I am presently working with Transolutions. Aquarius was the best preparation for me for this career.

Lymarie (Peoria, IL) - I was contacted by MedQuist 2 days after taking their test. FABULOUS!!!

Gail (Skokie, IL) - I am so delighted I decided to change careers in midstream, I was a high school secretary for may years. This has been an awesome and rewarding career change, as well as enjoyable.