Medical Assistant Program

Medical Office Administrator Description: 

Medical Administrative Assistant is a resource-learning course that will encourage personal and expand own knowledge base to achieve personal goals in the medical office setting. Medical Assistant course is designed to teach the student clerical, clinical, and laboratory skills so that the student may acquire a position within the medical profession. It is designed for beginner medical office managers, supervisors and those aspiring to practice managers.

Phlebotomy Technician Description:

This course consists of lecture and laboratory sessions covering phlebotomy equipment and techniques. Course work also includes laboratory safety, infection control, terminology, and anatomy and physiology appropriate to phlebotomy. This course trains students to be effective participants on a medical laboratory team. Instruction, demonstration and practice of blood collection are included.

EKG Technician Description:

EKG/ECG Technician program provides an in depth study of the theory and practice of electrocardiography. The ECG is a non-invasive tool that is vital to the identification and differential diagnosis of illness. Accurate interpretation of ECG tracings is vital to patient care since it will assist the practitioner in diagnosis and therapeutic monitoring of the patient.

Who Should Attend:

The Medical Assistant program is designed for the candidates who want to get familiarity in various areas of medical fields like medical office administrator, phlebotomy and EKG technicians.  The students will take the National Certification Exam from the NHA to become certified as a Medical Assistant.  

Clock Hours: 200 hours

Tuition = $4,995
Registration Fee = $150
Text Books = $200

Cost of Program: 

Pre-Requisite:  This program is for candidates who have High School Diploma/GED, It will be a plus if you can use computers.

For detailed MRI Technologist Program curriculum and career counseling, please contact an Aquarius Institute admission advisor during normal business hours at 847-296-8870 or filling out a Request for Information form.